Meet Team Yidindji

Gudju-Gudju of Gimuybara

Ngalan Garna Jimmuru

The most honourable Chief Minister is responsible for leading and coordinating the work of the Government Offices.

Bana-Boori of Wanyurr Majay

Ngalan Muduung Binaaji

The most honourable Minister for Employment & Training is responsible for: employment, unemployment, youth unemployment; Job centre Plus; the Work Programme and Work for benefits scheme.


Ngalan Nyaambin

The most honourable Minister for Arts Bindur-Bullin leads, designs & administers programs and policies that encourage excellence in artistic effort, support for cultural heritage and public access to arts.

Gaan-Yarra of Yalmabara

Ngalan Gulal Dugur

The Attorney-General is the highest legal officer on the Yidindji territory the ministry is responsible for the judicial system, migration and asylum issues, emergency preparedness, fundamental laws, civil law.

Arela of Djubugai

Ngalan Bunjur

The most honourable Minister is responsible for social welfare, including health & well being promotion and health care for the sick.

Murrumu of Walubara

Ngalan Minjaani Wungarlji

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade is responsible for the government’s foreign, development assistance and trade policy.

Gumi of Yidi

Ngalan Wulburuuny

The Cultural Affairs ministry is responsible for the development of the Yidindji culture, language, diversity, at national level and development of communities..

Goorabunna of Yidi

Ngalan Dulgu

The ministry oversees and protects wildlife and their habitats on the Yidindji territory also manage and conserve the natural resources and to provide hunting, fishing opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Bukal-Bukal of Gimuybara

Ngalan Dulgu Jubuja

The most honourable Minister Bukal-Bukal of Gimuybara is responsible for the Government’s environmental, energy and climate policy.

Byubipnyim of Gimuybara

Ngalan Ja Birnyjalin

The Sports Ministry aims to foster an integrated and planned approach to developing sports and physical recreation facilities throughout the territory.

Contact the Office of Protocol

The Yidindji government is here to help, if you have any questions please send an email.

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