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4 December 2021

Bilan Gudan

Welcome to the official website of the Sovereign Yidindji Government.

About Us

The Sovereign Yidindji Government was created to protect the Commonwealth of Australia. The intention behind the Yidindji Nation’s legal personality is to help settle the past and secure the future for everyone on the Yidindji Territory through a successfully concluded formal agreement between the Yidindji Government and the Commonwealth of Australia.


Meet our government Ministers who are leading the Sovereign Yidindji Government.

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For those interested in the legal journey of the Yidindji Nation, why not take a look at some key papers.

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entry visas

Foreign persons may apply for a Yidindji government issued visa to correctly enter the Yidindji territory.

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Frequently asked questions

A list of questions that maybe of use to those on the Yidindji territory and those looking at visiting.

yidindji citizenship

If you wish to become a Yidindji citizen  applications are being considered.

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register your business

The Yidindji Nation is open for business, get your paperwork.



Government Ministers

The Yidindji Nation has a several government departments and Ministers that have been appointed to oversee delivery of services for the Yidindji territory.

Gudju-Gudju Gimuybara Chief Minister
Gaan-Yarra Yalmabara

Attorney-General, Minister for the Treasury

Yirrilam Gooraminya Education Minister
Trevor Gangalidda Tourism Minister
Bumi Gimuybara Cultural Affairs Minister, Police Minister
Gilgal Yalmabara Aged Care Minister
Garna Yalmabara Forestry & Water Minister
Murrumu Walubara Foreign Affairs & Trade Minister, Renewable Energy Minister, Communications & Broadband Minister, Financial Technology Minister.
Arela Djabugai Health Minister
Gugal Dyirbal Emergency Services Minister
Gulari Yalmabara Rangers Minister
Malan Jinil Social Services Minister
Goorabunna Yidi Parks & Wildlife Minister
Byubipnyim Gimuybara Sports & Recreation Minister
Bana-Boori Wanyurr Majay Employment & Training Minister
Bindurr-Bullin Gimuybara Arts Minister



Feature: Yidindji stamps

The Yidindji Nation has a postal service and has launched a series of stamps to make sure items are delivered from the Yidindji territory to the world.

postal act

To enable and create the Yidindji postal service the government to passed the Yidindji postal act.

stamp determinations

We notify the world of our stamps through our determinations click here to review them.

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Contact Us

This portal has been designed for foreign persons wishing to contact the Sovereign Yidindji Government. Please remember to fill in all fields and details in the contact form. 

Office hours: Mon-Fri 910am-3pm