The Sovereign Yidindji Government is leading the world in digitizing services for its citizens. From digital ID through to Central Bank Digital Currency the Yidindji Nation is fast becoming a frontrunner in the digital space.

CBDC update

CBDC update

Sovereign Wallet (SWN Global) is one of 12 CBDC technology vendors participating in the BIS's "Project Polaris: A High-Level Design Guide for...

Citizenship handbook

Citizenship handbook

The "Yidindji Citizenship Handbook" is essential reading for anyone interested in becoming a Yidindji citizen because it provides valuable insights...

Digital Identity

Central to the Yidindji Nation’s digital identity initiative is the use of blockchain technology. Blockchain, a decentralized and immutable ledger, ensures the security, transparency, and trustworthiness of the Yidindji Nation’s digital identity records. It offers several critical benefits, including:

Blockchain technology encrypts and stores identity information in a highly secure manner, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Once data is recorded on the blockchain, it becomes nearly impossible to alter or manipulate, safeguarding the integrity of the digital identity records.

Yidindji Banking

Smart & Secure

The Yidindji SSID (Sovereign Secure Identity Digital) app is one of very few designed that combines a Digital ID with a Central Bank Digital Currency wallet in one. The Yidindji-MetaMUI app has a strong emphasis on data security and privacy, making it a safe and secure platform for digital transactions of your data.

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Easy to Use Government Tools

About Us

A little about our government


The Sovereign Yidindji Government was created to protect the Commonwealth of Australia. The intention behind the Yidindji Nation’s legal personality is to help settle the past and secure the future for everyone on the Yidindji Territory, through a successfully concluded formal agreement between the Yidindji Government and the Commonwealth of Australia.

Tribal Council

Jangalan Yidindji – the tribal council of elders – assists in the appointment of government ministers. There are currently twenty ministers representing, and several government departments ranging from Education through to Youth Affairs.

Good Governance

With twenty-six departments and several offices, the Yidindji government is very active. The government continues to grow, and currently close to two hundred citizens assist in day-to-day operations on the Yidindji territory.


How do I become a citizen?

Please download a citizenship hand book & application form from this website and there’s some basic steps to follow. You must live on the Yidindji territory and be willing to provide a police background check.

How much does it cost to become a citizen?

There is no fee in becoming a citizen. However, printed documents and other government instruments may incur a fee to cover operating costs. 

Do I have to be indigenous to become a citizen?

No. The Yidindji tribe has created the government to help bridge this gap. 

Do I have to give away any other form of citizenship?

No. If you are a Yidindji citizen then you can be the holder of multiple identities. 

How do I get a business registered on the Yidindji? and do I have to pay tax?

Getting a Yidindji Business Number (YBN) is easy, but you must be a Yidindji citizen to get a YBN. There is no income tax on the Yidindji territory, but if you have a Queensland or Australian registered business then please contact the relevant tax authorities of those jurisdictions. 

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