Peace. Order. Governance.



The Sovereign Yidindji Government was created to protect the Commonwealth
of Australia. The intention behind the Yidindji Nation’s legal personality is to help
settle the past and secure the future for everyone on the Yidindji Territory,
through a successfully concluded formal agreement between the Yidindji Government and the Commonwealth of Australia.



Jangalan Yidindji – the tribal council of elders – assists in the appointment of government ministers. There are currently twenty ministers representing, and several government departments ranging from Education through to Youth Affairs.  



With twenty-six departments and several offices, the Yidindji government is very active. The government continues to grow, and currently close to two hundred citizens assist in day-to-day operations on the Yidindji territory. 

About Our Nation

The Yidindji nation is a rainforest-based society situated in what the rest of the world would describe as north east Australia. Our capital city is Gimuy [Australian description: Cairns], and the Yidindji territory is divided up into eight cantons. The Yidindji nation is a pre-1770 society. It has a system of authority, land tenure and decision-making, and its sovereignty has neither been ceded nor extinguished.

Tribal Law & Administration

The Sovereign Yidindji government was created by Jangalan Yidindji, which is the tribal council of elders. The Government is the official voice of the nation, and the administrative legal personality to speak for, and on behalf of the Yidindji nation. The Sovereign Yidindji Government aims to codify and describe the laws, customs and traditions of the society and create titles, offices, and other required instruments to help Yidindji interact with the world. The SYG and tribal law, although connected, are two different universes.


Grass roots government

“My grandfather was Boa, which means rock wallaby, and my father is Bumi, which means thunder. They were law men and holders of the law and so am I; that’s why I’m happy to be the police minister so we can look after everyone here on our lands”

Bumi Gimuybara


“When we created the Yidindji government in 2013, my brother helped start this movement. So I want to also help provide care for our people and those who call this place home”

Gilgal Yalmabara


“Being a Yidindji government minister is an important function, and vital for self-determination for all the future generations. This is our home and we are happy to look after it and share, like we’ve been doing for thousands of years.”

Byubipnyim Gimuybara


Citizenship & Entry Visas

As part of its growth, the Yidindji nation is recruiting and registering its citizens to help keep the Yidindji nation safe and secure. Please find below some information about becoming a Yidindji citizen.



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No. 7 Gimuybara Lane, City of Gimuy.
[Australian description: Suite 7, 12-14 Lake Street, Cairns.]

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